Together We Foster Love

Hey everyone!

This is officially the inaugural Walls Are For Murals blog post, and for that we say welcome!  It’s an exciting time at WAFM as we are on a mission to put as much love into the world as possible. 

We’re very grateful for all our early supporters should have shown us love by wearing our jackets and spreading the word!

On Saturday, May 11th we volunteered alongside @RubenRojas while he was painting his most recent mural titled "Together We Foster Love" at a School & Church in West Hollywood. 

If you are not familiar with Ruben now is the time to check him out.  He quit the corporate finance world to pursue a new life as a Lifestyle Artist, Activist, and Speaker. 

He's an amazing and talented artist who encourages people “to view the world through the lens of love.” 

About 40 volunteers showed up to help Ruben!  People from Beautify Earth, Do Good Bus, and Participant Media all put in a lot of hours!  It sure was a fun loving and inspiring day to be a part of.

Check out some pics from the weekend below :)


Ruben Rojas and team at the finished mural titled "Together We Foster Love"

Walls Are For Murals Founder Andy Dubin & Ruben Rojas

Finished Mural "Together We Foster Love" by Ruben Rojas

As a Thank You, we’d like to offer a discount for first-time purchasers.  Use promo code: WAFM15 at check out.  And hey, don’t forget to pay it forward!

Peace and Love,

The WAFM Team