Studio Momé Grand Opening

The crew at StudioMomé have a lot of exciting and inspiring stuff going on at their Art Studio in Downtown LA. They've been hard at work upgrading the space evidenced by their brand new mural outside the building by James Haunt.
If you do not know James now is a good time to check him out as he is a legit artist and a cool dude. 
After walking into the space you are immediately confronted with walls covered in beautiful art pieces with more by @JamesHaunt@_cryptik_@saturno@doylehuge@blowsomeglass and @abagg
At each turn you've got unique and really dope art to check out and admire.
Our favorite piece is some futuristic Terminator 2 liquid nitrogen thing by @Mesple that demands your attention.  Just take a few to peep at the video ad you'll get it.
On the outside patio you have fresh murals by @nychos@low_bros and a live art show by @Mear_one.
Next up, we have @Bretthartt spinning on top of a spaceship that is annually brought to Burning Man. 
Brett has great energy and he set the mood for the entire night.  We snuck into the spaceship for a little while, and we'd recommend doing the same if you ever get the opportunity.
The night was filled with good vibes, smiling faces, beautiful art, a spaceship, drinks and friends bonding.
Walls Are For Murals was lucky to be invited to sponsor of the grand opening event.  We donated a jacket to the raffle and a lucky winner walked off with some fresh gear.  
We're excited for future collaborations with Studio Momé.
Special shout out to @Catapult_world for documenting the entire night.
Humbly yours, 
The WAFM Team